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PLP (Power Loss Protection) technology is a key technology associated with SSD reliability and is becoming widely adapted for improving overall system reliability by leveraging both firmware and hardware to protect important data when encountering abnormal power spikes or outages.


With the improving technology, reliability technology can be divided into two camps. The first one is to retain several copies of important data and restore the last backup when the current data set becomes corrupted following an abnormal power shutdown. While this mechanism can ensure the integrity of important data, all data changes made from the last backup is lost.


To solve this problem, the second method (used by ADATA) is to combine sensitive voltage monitors with banks of power-retaining capacitors. ADATA’s PLP supplies its SSDs with enough power to continue buffered read-write operations until completion. When a power loss occurs, the power monitor circuit detects the power drop and instructs the controller to back up all data in the buffer before the power drains from the capacitor banks. Using this method, all important data is saved without corruption. To ensure long-term service, ADATA SSDs also incorporate special SMART attributes to monitor the ongoing health of the SSD’s power capacitors.


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