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Datacenter Application

With the development of network communication tech, modern life is inseparable from the mobile internet.  Networking and communication plays an essential role in today’s society.  It allows users to access information anytime and anywhere. Data transfer speeds become imminently faster as mobile phones and tablet computers merge with the analog lifestyle.  With other smart devices and cloud application services adding to the mix, many enterprises embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and now reach outward to the consumer market.


With the acceptance of IoT, system stability and performance is an imperative.  To answer the diverse needs of high volume data influx, ADATA provides different industrial grade SSD storage form factors such as 2.5", mSATA (MO300A), Half-Slim (MO297), DOM (Disk On Module), and CFast Cards. 


ADATA’s industrial grade memory modules and storage media can withstand harsh environmental temperatures (-40ºC ~ +85ºC) as a part of their normal operation.  Flash storage media provides different options such as the SLC / A + SLC / MLC.  In the case of an unstable power supply, PLP (Power Loss Protection) can effectively prevent data loss and system damage, helping ensure the stability and reliability of your Netcom system.


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