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Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology  (SMART) is a technology whose main purpose is to gather information relevant to a disk’s status including operating hours, unsafe power downs, temperatures, and more. With recent advancements in technology, SSDs are being widely adapted for industry and SMART attributes are being developed to match specific applications.


For industrial and cloud applications, ADATA has developed two sets of SMART attributes. The first is to report NAND flash information. By using the specified SMART attributes, the user can easily access an SSD’s basic NAND flash information including bad block reports, erase count, and program/erase fail. The second SMART attribute set is related to reliability, whereby a user can easily access a drive’s life time, wear-leveling factor, and total data written – used to evaluate Total Bytes Written (TBW) and Drive Write per Day (DWPD).  This information is a useful in predicting an SSD’s overall useable lifespan. 

ADATA provides useful SMART attributes specifically developed for industrial applications so that customers may a have more transparent and complete set of information so that customers may fully manage their SSDs assets.


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