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Mobile Accessories Q&A
Q1: Which mobile devices are compatible with the A10050QC power bank and Quick Charge 3.0 technology ?
Q2: Why do all four LED lights on the PV150 blink at the same time? Is the drive faulty?
Q3: Where can I learn more about ADATA power banks?
Q4: Where can I learn more about the CE700 Wireless Charging Stand?
Q5: What is the WPC Consortium?
Q6: What is “Qi”?
Q7: What is wireless charging?
Q8: My phone itself supports the AVI file format, but this kind of file cannot be saved to the AE800 and then played? Does the APP itself support only specific file formats?
Q9: Does the AE400 support NTFS format?
Q10: Which USB device and SD formats are supported by the AE400?
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