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Enterprise multifunction printers (MFP) are becoming increasingly accepted in business and industry. But the need to provide a stable platform for processing your data becomes ever more important. ADATA provides different industrial grade SSD storage form factors such as 2.5", mSATA (MO300A), Half-Slim (MO297), DOM (Disk On Module), and CFast Cards.  ADATA’s industrial grade memory modules and storage media can withstand harsh environmental temperatures (-40ºC – +85ºC) as a part of their normal operation.  Flash storage media provides different options such as the SLC / A + SLC / MLC.  In the case of an unstable power supply, PLP (Power Loss Protection) can effectively prevent data loss and system damage, helping ensuring your system’s stability and reliability.

  • ISM31 MLC

    Half Slim

    ˙ Complies with JEDEC MO-297 specifications
    ˙ Space-saving half-height design




    ˙ CFast 2.0 specifications
    ˙ R/W 165MB/170MB
    ˙ Supports S.M.A.R.T


  • IPC39 MLC

    Industrial CF

    ˙ Compliant with CF 6.0/4.0
    ˙ R/W 160MB/25MB
    ˙ Supports S.M.A.R.T



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