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Modern industrial and embedded systems have rich expansion capabilities and are designed for a wide deployment of applications for specific environments including

• industrial automation
• transportation
• visual control
• medical / health care
• many other applications

Industrial and embedded systems demand stability and longevity, and require an extremely reliable platform for automated machine controls.


ADATA’s industrial/embedded DRAM memory and Flash storage solutions come in many form factors for use in various applications. Our products effectively reduce operating temperature and data noise, providing the highest quality data and signal integrity. We offer a full range of memory and storage solutions to meet your various requirements. ADATA is committed to deliver diverse high quality solutions and reliable industrial products to exceed your highest expectations.

As your total solution provider, we have the confidence that all you will find the best solution for your system, no matter whether DRAM memory or Flash Storage. ADATA’s product lines include small form factors for reducing system size and wide operating temperature ranges for extreme environmental conditions.



    ˙ CFast 2.0 specifications
    ˙ R/W 165MB/170MB
    ˙ Supports S.M.A.R.T


  • IXM37 MLC


    ˙ H/W Power Detector and Flash Protection
    ˙ S.M.A.R.T. function


  • ISMS312 (Horizontal)


    ˙ Open API Management
    ˙ ADATA's A+ SLC support



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